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Subcontractor of the Year - 2012  

 City of Valparaiso: CSO Disinfection
 Augercast Pile Installation
 Valparaiso, Indiana
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Thatcher load tested the piles to 35 tons of compression.
As a subcontractor to Bowen Engineering, Thatcher Foundations Inc. installed 25 augercast piles, 70' deep with a 16" diameter, using an augercast mix created to Thatcher's specifications. Spoil from the piles was disposed of in a responsible manner, keeping the environment in mind. Thatcher used local vendors to complete the project, ordering the augercast mix from a supplier in Valparaiso and safety supplies from a Hammond, Indiana company. Thatcher also utilized a trucking company from Gary, Indiana to assist in moving equipment off of the jobsite and back to Thatcher's Gary yard.

Thatcher designed and built the test pile frame utilizing four surrounding piles to resist the test loads. The test pile had a 70 Ton compression load applied to it. After waiting 14 days, Thatcher load tested one of the piles.

Thatcher's Local Indiana Pile Drivers and Operators completed this project without a recordable safety incident.

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