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Subcontractor of the Year - 2012  

 US Steel: Strategic Coke Improvements Project, Phase One
 Drilled and Driven Pile Installation
 Gary, Indiana
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Hagland's radial piston drill used for augercast piles at US Steel
As a subcontractor to Walbridge East, LLC, Thatcher Foundations Inc. installed augercast piles, pipe piles, and drilled piers at US Steel's Gary Works facility. The finished project will produce a coke alternative, resulting in a net reduction of airborne pollutants created by the facility during the coking process.

The pile project presented challenges to Thatcher, primarily in the form of subsurface obstructions. Drill teeth were broken, flights were damaged, and hammer cushions had to be replaced as Thatcher's crews from Local 578 and Local 150 worked to install the piles in the designated locations. Thatcher worked closely with the general contractor, notifying them as obstructions were encountered, and proposing solutions. When the obstruction could be dealt with quickly, Thatcher made repairs to its equipment on-site and resumed installation. In the cases of larger obstructions, Thatcher re-located its crew and equipment and began work on another pile while the obstruction was removed by an excavator. Thatcher also maintained close communication with its grout supplier, trying to time deliveries as closely as possible, to avoid grout hardening and being wasted while trying to overcome an obstruction.

The just-in-time grout deliveries were made possible by the use of a supplier from Gary. Other construction supplies came from companies in Hammond, Griffith, and Schererville, and outside trucking was provided by a Gary, Indiana company. Additionally, Thatcher hired a subcontractor from Schererville to assist with rebar fabrication.

Dynamic testing was performed on the installed pipe piles to ensure that they would meet the required capacity. A third-party company also surveyed the project for alignment.

Thatcher will not attempt a job if it can not be completed safely, and a Lifting Plan and a Hoisting Plan were both developed for this project, including diagrams illustrating the correct techniques for moving loads safely. The owner, US Steel, emphasized its commitment to the safety of the project, shutting down work when a breaker in a nearby substation was tripped. US Steel also required that all on-site employees complete its "Gas Training" course before beginning work on site. Thatcher's employees completed the project without any safety incidents.


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