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Subcontractor of the Year - 2011  

 Southern Lake County Conservation Club: Bridge Construction
 Installation of Pipe Piles
 Schneider, Indiana
The Southern Lake County Conservation Club is a non-profit organization in Schneider devoted to the education of hunting safety and the promotion of sustainable hunting and fishing practices. The club members requested Thatcher's assistance to replace an unsafe bridge on the club's property. The existing wood piles supporting the bridge were rotten and broken. Thatcher employees donated their time, and the company donated use of its equipment, and sold the club the required pipe piling and steel bracing at a scrap price.

Work on the bridge was completed entirely by volunteers, most of them Thatcher employees. Pile Drivers from Local 578 and Operators from Local 150 also donated their time and skill. All crew members provided and wore their own basic PPE. The volunteer crew also cleaned pre-existing rubble and debris from the work area when they removed the scraps from their construction work.

The crew drove 12" pipe piles 33' - 35' deep to underpin and the existing 36" main bridge support members were jacked back into place. The piling was driven through the existing deck to limit fall hazards. Ultimately, the underpinning and jacking was successful, and the bridge height was raised by 7".

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The bridge project successfully
raised the bridge height by 7".
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Before: timber pilings had broken
loose from the bridge structure
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Before: the bridge was visibly unlevel
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Setting first sections into place
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Welding underpinning to pile

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