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 Drilled Foundations / Micropiles
Augercast piles drilled through very hard slagDrilled foundations include augercast piles, drilled shafts (caissons), and micropiles. Augercast piles use a continuous flight, hollow stem auger to drill the pile in one pass. The pile is backfilled with grout through the hollow stem while retracting the auger. Thatcher has been drilling augercast piles for over 20 years now. We can drill more than 100' deep and 24" diameter. We have also installed low headroom augercast piles.  Micropiles are high capacity, small diameter piles, drilled into place and pressure grouted to transfer the load from the steel to the ground. We have innovated the field of micropiles by offering full length single pass drilling in addition to using small micropile rigs.
   Driven Piling
Pre-stressed concrete piles for Vector PipelineThatcher is the clear leader in pile driving in the Chicago area. We have hammers of all types and sizes to suit any application. We have driven up to 140-foot piles in one piece. We drive steel H beams, pipe piles, wood piles, and pre-stressed concrete piles. We use air hammers, diesel hammers, hydraulic impact hammers and hydraulic vibratory hammers. We are experts in load testing and all types of dynamic analysis, including Wave Equation Analysis (WEAP), the Pipe Driving Analyzer (PDA), and acquiring and interpreting useful CAPWAP results.
 Earth Retention Systems
Combination of internal bracing and soil anchors.Thatcher provides all types of earth retention to support excavation, including sheet piling, soldier beams and lagging, secant pile walls, soil anchors, tie backs, and soil nailing. Thatcher can provide fully engineered solutions from an in-house licensed Structural Engineer. We are most cost effective when included early in the design of a project in order to provide our design-build expertise. We have extensive experience with the permitting process in Chicago and can provide valuable assistance. We also have many years of experience in the underpinning of adjacent structures, typically using jacked piles.
   Marine Construction
Cellular Coffier DamsThatcher provides construction/rehabilitation of cellular cofferdams, dock walls, revetments, breakwaters, jetties, shore protection, timber or synthetic fendering systems, and dredging. In Chicago, Milwaukee, and surrounding communities, Thatcher installs marine piling, marine sheet piling, and more. Whether working from land or by barge, we have the experience and equipment to handle difficult jobs in difficult weather.

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Special Projects

Low headroom sheetingThatcher has highly-specialized equipment and procedures to meet difficult requirements such as low headroom, low noise, or low vibration. We can install sheeting or H beams with a hydraulic press, thereby minimizing vibration. We have other custom-made tools for jacking, drilling, and driving that excel in limited access situations. Thatcher can perform your project as a specialty contractor, working directly for the owner, or as a subcontractor to a general contractor
LEED Services
Thatcher is proud to offer LEED Green Building Services to our clients. LEED-certified construction is cost-effective and environmentally responsible. Please contact us today to find out how our LEED Certified design and construction professionals can add value to your deep foundation, earth retention, or marine construction project.

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