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Subcontractor of the Year - 2012  

 Ports of Indiana: Dockwall Construction
 Dock Sheeting with Tie Rod Anchorage
 Portage, Indiana
Thatcher Foundations Inc. installed +/- 1860 WF of 65'-70' dock sheeting with tie rod anchorage and completed related work at the Port of Indiana - Burns Harbor. The work, including rebuilding a 260 WF section with a new anchorwall, was performed as a subcontractor to Albin Carlson & Co. The project was large, but intricate, with detailed boltup and pipe penetration details.

The Ports of Indiana purchased the steel sheet piling under a separate contract, which increased the need for clear communication and careful coordination between the owner, the general contractor, and Thatcher. Thatcher utilized several Northwest Indiana vendors on the project, including purchasing fuel from a Chesterton company, welding supplies from a company in Griffith, and miscellaneous supplies from a construction supply company in Hammond. Thatcher's outside trucking needs were met by a company from Gary.

Thatcher provided timely responses and coordination for multi-phase sheet pile and anchorage installation with the demolition, excavation and backfill at the dock, while maintaining port operations. Scheduling was critical, as work was performed with a constant eye on shipping schedules and the beginning and end of the shipping season. Thatcher's work schedule was also designed to be mindful of working during the May 1 through July 15 fish spawning windows.

The work of this contract was performed in an area designated as a "restricted security area" by the U.S. Coast Guard. Workers had to have, or be escorted by a person who had, a Transportation Workers Identification Card (TWIC.) Thatcher's employees from Local #578 Pile Drivers and Local #150 Operating Engineers completed the project without a single safety incident.

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Thatcher used a fixed mast piling rig
and a crawler crane to install long
sheets along the dock.
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The completed dockwall
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