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CAF Subcontractor of the Year - 2009  

 Munster Community Hospital:  Emergency Department and West Pavilion Entry
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Munster Community Hospital began an expansion in 2008.  Berglund, the general contractor, brought Thatcher Foundations in on the first phase of construction to install 100 wall feet of steel sheeting, 8 augercast piles, and 5 drilled and set soldier piles with lagging. 

Because Community Hospital remained open during the construction, Thatcher strove to maintain a minimally intrusive presence on the site.  Construction equipment was positioned to allow emergency vehicles full access to the building, as well as to allow patients and staff safe entrance to the building.

Working among existing hospital buildings, Thatcher had tight site conditions, and limited access.  Careful monitoring ensured that underground natural gas lines and overhead electrical wires remained undisturbed by our construction work.

Thatcher participated in the daily and weekly safety and coordination meetings held by the general contractor, and was able to complete over 850 manhours, incident-free.

Scrubbers were installed on our construction equipment, to reduce exhaust emissions. Careful placement of equipment minimized sound pollution to hospital staff, patients, and area residents.

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