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Subcontractor of the Year - 2011  

 Indiana American Water: Proposed Emergency Generator Pad
 Timber Piling Installation
 Gary, Indiana
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Thatcher’s timber pile alternate
saved the owner nearly $70,000.
Working as a subcontractor to Bowen Engineering Corporation, Thatcher Foundations Inc. drove 8 timber piles to a capacity of 25 tons each to form a foundation for an emergency generator pad. Thatcher employees contributed 162 accident-free manhours to this project.

The bid plans for this project called for augercast pilings, which Thatcher estimated would cost $108,000. It is necessary to maintain a 10' spacing between augercast pilings during installation to avoid compromising adjacent piles. Because only 12 piles were necessary for the foundation, the spacing requirements would necessitate three to four separate days of drilling. Instead, Thatcher proposed H-pile and timber pile alternates, which could be driven in a shorter timeframe, and would therefore be less expensive to the owner. By selecting Thatcher's timber pile alternate, Indiana American Water was saved $69,500.


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