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Subcontractor of the Year - 2012  

 City of Gary: Marquette Park Elevator Pit
 Jack Pile Installation
 Gary, Indiana
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The Marquette Park master plan states that "rehabilitation and new improvements will help to re-establish Marquette Park as one of Northwest Indiana's premiere lakefront destinations, enhancing the quality of life for citizens of Gary and residents of Northwest Indiana." Thatcher Foundations Inc. is proud to have played a small part towards achieving that goal.

As a subcontractor to Powers & Sons, Thatcher installed 8 jack piles to support the north and west walls of the existing elevator pit at the Marquette Park Recreation Pavilion. Performing work indoors is a rare occurrence for Thatcher, and accommodations had to be made to its usual procedures. Estimating, engineering, and fabrication worked with field supervision to develop solutions which were structurally sound, but practical given the site logistics. The construction materials had to be carried down a flight of stairs, so they were cut to lengths which could be safely carried by one person. The tight workspace meant that the number of people inside at one time had to be carefully coordinated, to accommodate Thatcher's employees as well as any other contractors who also needed access to the elevator pit. The indoor location also meant that ventilation was crucial. The generator and other equipment were set up outside, to ensure that no fumes were produced indoors, and that none became trapped there.

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