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Subcontractor of the Year - 2012  

 BP: Timber Pile Probe
 Pile Probing
 Whiting, Indiana

In anticipation of new construction along the Indiana Harbor Canal, Thatcher was asked to conduct a survey of the area, identifying potential obstructions. Thatcher's crew completed the work from land rather than from a float, for better stability. The survey was performed with a combination of manual probing and underwater photography. The crew carefully traveled the length of the proposed construction, documenting depths and obstructions. Photographs were taken of the obstructions as they were encountered, but no samples were taken, to minimize disturbance to the canal environment.

All crew members received site specific safety training, and only intrinsically safe cellular phones were allowed on site. Thatcher's safety program was analyzed and approved by PICS, and the project was completed without any safety or environmental incidents.

Thatcher's underwater camera provided evidence of obstructions on the canal bottom

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