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Subcontractor of the Year - 2012  

 BP: OSBL Civil Package One
 Augercast Pile Installation
 Whiting, Indiana


Thatcher Foundations Inc. was awarded a subcontract by Superior Construction Company, Inc. to install 253 each 18" x 80' long augercast piles with rebar at BP's Whiting, Indiana facility. The piles formed a foundation for the installation of a new pipe rack as part of the refinery's expansion.

BP's expansion project has brought dozens of contractors and thousands of employees into close quarters, so careful coordination from everyone was key to success. Thatcher worked as a subcontractor to Superior Construction, who had a contract with the EPC firm, Fluor, who was hired by the owner, BP. In turn, Thatcher was responsible for its own on-site and off-site subcontractors and suppliers, including:

  • Local subcontractors
  • Rebar tying and placement provided by a Schererville, Indiana company
  • Equipment rented from a Hammond, Indiana company
  • Supplies from multiple Gary, Indiana companies
  • Outside trucking from a Gary, Indiana company
  • Concrete from a Gary, Indiana company

Thatcher's scheduling and coordination also included making arrangements for on-site inspections of all equipment by BP-authorized companies. Inspections of completed piles were also scheduled by Thatcher. Communication with unions at both the local and national levels was crucial to the project's success, working under NMAPC rules. DLZ was hired by Thatcher to ensure that the pile installation met with the owner's quality requirements.

The owner's rigorous safety standards meant that Thatcher's site specific safety plan was especially extensive for this project. Thatcher registered with the PICS pre-qualification system and had its safety program and procedures thoroughly audited before being allowed to begin work at BP's Whiting facility. Each on-site employee also went through BP's safety orientation program. Thatcher purchased and exclusively used "intrinsically safe" cellular phones on this job site.

"Intrinsically safe" cellular phones are engineered so that they can not cause an unsafe situation due to their design. All Thatcher employees on the site continually wore H2S Monitors provided by the Owner, to ensure that they were not exposed to hazardous level of hydrogen sulfide. The employees also wore company provided "greens," cotton fire-retardant coveralls. The additional safety precautions allowed Thatcher's employees to complete the project incident-free.


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